Automotive Advantage is a family owned and operated business that is dedicated to supplying our community with the best auto service around. Our expert mechanic and owner Brandon Smith has years of experience and the certifications to prove it. He is an ASE certified advanced level specialist, a certified master automobile technician and has several more certifications. Below are just a few of the certifications he boasts.

iATn Certification
ATG Certification
ASE Specialist Certification
ASE Specialist Certification
NAPA Auto Technician Certification
Advanced Scope Testing Certification

Working as a normal auto mechanic in several shops, before starting his own in 2010, he's seen it all and he most definitely can fix it all. Brandon is one of the most experienced auto mechanic's around and knows pretty much everything that there is to know about fixing cars and keeping it cheap too. He's been running his own auto repair shop here in Oakwood Village since 2010 and it's been met with nothing but positive reviews since then. Brandon has fixed hundreds upon hundreds of cars during his years of experience. There is also a team of skilled mechanics working under Brandon that strive to make sure that the customer is always happy. We make sure that your car is fixed correctly using all of the professional gear and techniques while also being quick so that you can have your car back in no time flat.

Along with our great mechanical team we also have a number of great connections with other businesses. These connections will ensure that our customers will get the right service even if we might be unable to provide it. We specialize in auto repairs and take great pride in our work here. We try to be a very friendly family owned business and treat all of our customers with the utmost respect. We try to keep our prices fair for you and we will never price gouge you or add on additional charges like the bigger brands. We're just here to provide a great service and give back to our community one car at a time.

Feel free to stop by and Brandon will give you an estimate and provide any repairs you need.